New Year’s Resolutioners!

This year, I have seen a lot of posts ranting against or making fun of New Year’s resolution gym goers. Honestly, this makes me a little mad. And here is my rant as to why.

One of the arguments against the people who are starting their fitness journey at this time of year is that they are taking up all of the equipment. So? Isn’t that what the equipment is there for? To be used? I understand that this can be frustrating to people who have a routine and want to go into the gym and do their usual stuff and they are now forced to share a little more. But it isn’t your equipment. You don’t own it. If it is so important to have access to certain pieces of equipment at a very specific time and you can’t wait a couple minutes to take a turn, maybe you should consider purchasing it for yourself. Otherwise, branch out, modify what you were going to do, or simply be a grown up and wait your turn. Politely. Everyone has paid to be there, and you are not more entitled than anyone else.

Next, about all of this nonsense about “they’re going to quit after a couple of weeks anyway.” I’ll address this on a couple of levels. First off, these people pay a membership, which helps keep the business afloat. Having people pay memberships keeps your gym open, funds new equipment, pays for the staff, and so many other things. So the more memberships, the more improvements your gym can make. Isn’t that a check in the “win” column? And secondly, maybe they won’t quit! Forming new habits can be difficult. Maybe they have tried a dozen times before to start a workout routine. Maybe this will be the time that sticks! Or maybe it isn’t but they have still increased their activity level for a few days and this is better than nothing. They may have learned a little more that will help them in the future. I liken starting the gym to quitting smoking in that it can take many attempts to get it right. Stopping working out (or continuing to smoke) isn’t failing. It is just practice for the next time.

I have a huge problem with shaming anyone who is attempting to improve themselves.  No one is perfect and everyone has to start somewhere. So some people have had habits, life circumstances, medical problems, or other reasons for ending up with an unhealthy body. Shouldn’t we be cheering them on for trying to make changes? Wouldn’t encouraging them to stay consistent and keep coming to the gym be the right thing to do? A lot of people are already embarrassed at where they are at, so what point are you trying to make by making them feel worse?  And, at the very least, if you aren’t going to encourage or lift people up, shut the fuck up and don’t say anything. Putting people down, especially when they are trying to improve, doesn’t make you better than them. It makes you an asshole.

I proudly support New Year’s resolution gym goers, the people who start in the springtime to work on their bathing suit bodies, the people who only run during the summer, and anyone who starts working out at any time. I can confidently say that you will always be welcome at the New England Fitness Compound, and with the FitCrew for our workouts. Find a place that will welcome and embrace you, no matter where you are in your journey. I’ll be saving a high-five and/or a sweaty hug just for you!


Fix IT!

Ok so… Tis that time of year. You know that time when everyone you know has a resolution.. a goal.. Or something along those lines. Now there are the Nay Sayers..  The haters… The Aint’ers. They will always be there.. There are also the people who will just say… Yea.. New Year New Me.. and the others that are there to say.. Yea right.. Now.. I will not say that any year.. day.. Or anything is ever needed to improve your life. You only need the want to.  But there are some things you can do.. That can help evolve your life. Not just improve it.. P.S. If you started in a gym for the New Year and are still going…. HIGH FIVE!

1.  Positive People –

Now I am not talkin about the fake smile hug you tell you everything is ok people.. They tend to have issues on the next level but.. Who are we to judge.. lol I mean People that are interested in a positive position for their life as well as others. Now these people do not always have a smile.. they may also not have a positive outlook as most would see it.. There are some pretty positive people with sarcasm as a main trait.. But are those people a positive influence in your life? They just may be… Those are the people you may want to focus spending more energy on and with. I have found in my own life..  Its not about just being a positive person.. But finding people that are interested in positive outcomes.  Even those that have a negative attitude.. Can still want positive outcomes. I feel like I am stuck tryin to explain WHO you should have in your lives.. But its not about who I say… Or want.. or Whatever. Its about positive relationships.. that are for the better.

2. Believe –

This one is WAY harder than it sounds..  You must try to believe in yourself. Not just yes I am awwsum and super dooper.. Cuz you are! But to believe you can do things you have never done. For a few examples.. As this was a hard one for myself in the beginning and still is an obstacle at times and always for different reasons.. One being.. Loosing weight. Now there are steps to follow.. Guides.. Resources.. So many things. But first you have to want it enough to Believe you can.. When this happens .. You will! This goes for lifting heavy as well. Did I ever think I would DeadLift 500… Bench around 300 and squat 400?  NOPE.. But I am def a believer now.. But I guess I am a DOER..  I had to believe I could do more.. and more. And that was not easy. It gets easier. If you stick with it. And that kinda leads me into…

3. Set Goals –

Be it lofty ones or daily/weekly ones.. SET THEM AND SMASH THEM! Now these can be daily goals..  Meals.. Steps taken.. Meters Rowed.. What ever YOU choose..  Weekly.. Can be along the lines times you plan to Workout.. Go to the Gym.. Run.. Bike.. For the weight loss folks it could be lb s a week. (Now I am not a nutritionist but I hear around a LB or 2 a week is a safe goal) For me this is on the radar this year and has been for a few months. HEY.. While we are hear.. Anyone wanna do a weight loss challenge? If so I would like to meet up on Saturday and Saturdays… Hit me up! OK ok back to the post.. But for real here.. For the F.I.T. Crew and any members of the Compound.. Or people that may want to join us.. I would like to start meeting up on Saturdays.. Talking about what we have done this week and what we want to do in the coming week/s.. Setting Goals.. And SMASHING THEM!

 Be A Doer! Dont be a Peckawood

We Love New People over at the Compound! And Welcome ALL levels.. Newbie to Pro even G.I. Gym Joe!  All..  I never really got the idea of people that only wanna work with people who already go to the gym… Are we not trying to be open to all?? Well… We are! Who knows.. Maybe you 2 can get to this weird place I am at in my life where I look forward to going to the gym! I would luv to help you achieve that!!

Be sure to hit us up on the Stack45s Facebook Page or Head on over to The Compounds FaceBook Page and give us sum Luv! Comments and all…Always welcome!

Side Note..  We ordered our Shirt Press this week and should be getting work did soon.. So the site may be changing up a bit in the near future!!  Gonna have STUFF for you to buy! #FreakMode #Stack45s #SickNastyClothing

~Worm OUT